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Comparing difference essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Looking at contrast - Essay Example While Ms. Gilman depicted the advancement of post pregnancy anxiety and its fallout in her fundamental character Jane, who is additionally the storyteller of the story, during a period when men administered the world and ladies were required to just shoulder youngsters and guarantee that their significant other was an achievement throughout everyday life. It is a direct result of this distinction in the manner that the subject of creating franticness was managed and the mind boggling issues encompassing it that made â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† the more conspicuous anecdotal investigation of the improvement of frenzy. The Black Cat, and The Yellow Wall Paper, show parts of mental issues; in any case, the multifaceted nature of these issues are progressively noticeable in The Yellow Wall Paper. In â€Å"The Black Cat†, Poe proceeds with his convention of reviewing the winding into frenzy of his lead characters through flashbacks specifying the occasions that prompted the heroes plunge into franticness. This is a pattern that we can unmistakably find in his past works, for example, â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† and â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart†. In â€Å"The Black Cat†, the main driving component for the franticness of the anonymous storyteller is by all accounts the way that he is alcoholic and in that capacity, has fancies and doubts about anything and everybody around him. Counting, the dark feline that was their family pet. As should be obvious in the accompanying entry, the franticness of the storyteller was not achieved by any awful experience or dissatisfaction throughout everyday life, but instead, due to his adoration for liquor. He describes: malady developed upon me- - for what infection resembles Alcohol!- - and finally even Pluto, who was presently getting old, and thus to some degree touchy - even Pluto started to encounter the impacts of my testiness. (Poe 2) This where the shortcoming of the advancement of the psychological maladjustment lies in Poes story. For simply like in the entirety of his past works, the purpose behind the beginning of frenzy comes from the adoration for drink and th

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Social and Situated Theories of Learning

Presentation Learning can on occasion be a troublesome undertaking. In spite of the fact that there is a feeling of accomplishment after one can pick up something, it isn't in every case simple for such a person during the procedure of learning.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Social and Situated Theories of Learning explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is especially hard for somebody who is attempting to learn aptitudes that they are curious about or troublesome ideas that may require a great deal exertion to have the option to learn. Different researchers have concocted hypotheses to clarify how powerful learning can happen. For instance, Kolb has depicted learning as an individual’s encounters that occur in cycle. Be that as it may, this procedure of learning doesn't provide food for the enthusiastic encounters of the student. Another hypothesis that has been progressed to clarify how learning can adequately happen is the social lear ning hypothesis. The social learning hypothesis alludes to a strategy for discovering that is typically credited to Albert Bandura. This hypothesis is generally utilized in learning establishments. Nonetheless, it can likewise be applied in a working environment setting to improve the result. The hypothesis indicates that learning happens through perception and socialization. This implies individuals gain from one another as they mingle and watch each other in a specific setting, for instance, in the working environment. By utilizing the social learning hypothesis, one can advance the correct worker conduct inside the working environment, consequently increment efficiency. This hypothesis causes one to viably guide the employees’ conduct so as to energize the proper conduct that is vital for the development of the association. This paper will address the idea of social learning and the arranged hypotheses. The paper will additionally investigate manners by which these two hyp otheses can assist mentors with encouraging successful learning in their work environments Social hypothesis of learning and its application in the learning procedure at the work environment The primary advocate of social hypothesis of realizing, who is likewise the pioneer, is called Albert Bandura. The hypothesis recommends that a great deal of learning happens through perception. He recommends that three models are helpful in this hypothesis. They incorporate the live model, verbal guidance and the emblematic. The live model includes learning of wanted conduct through demonstration.Advertising Looking for article on instruction? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This happens when an individual does the exhibit while those watching are required to take in the ideal conduct from the individual showing by simple perception. In verbal guidance model, the ideal conduct is required to be portrayed after point by point directions concerning this ideal conduct is given verbally. The audience members are given guidelines unmistakably and precisely and are relied upon to show this conduct contingent upon how well they have comprehended the nitty gritty portrayal of the ideal conduct. At last, the emblematic model recommends that conduct can be procured through watching characters in the media for instance, the individuals who act in different projects. The web and various types of writing are likewise useful devices in emblematic displaying. In this sort of displaying, the characters who are acting in these projects exhibit certain practices that are imitated by those watching, tuning in or understanding them. Steps in displaying process Attention According to Bandura (1977), certain means are significant in the demonstrating procedure in conduct procurement. The initial step is consideration. For figuring out how to occur through any of the three models of conduct securing, it is extremely fundamental for the person to be mindful to the conduct that is being displayed. One makes certain to catch the highlights of the conduct being displayed on the off chance that they focus on it. This makes it simpler for them to imitate the conduct they have watched. Maintenance Again, maintenance of what one has realized in the wake of focusing on a specific conduct being demonstrated is significant, if an individual is to reproduce a similar conduct (Bandura Walters, 1963). It is significant for one to recollect what one has realized for simpler impersonation of the conduct. Proliferation Reproduction is the other advance that is essential in the learning procedure that happens through perception as proposed by Bandura. Multiplication of conduct happens when one can definitely watch and hold what they have seen. In any case, it requires a great deal of training for one to precisely recreate the conduct they have observed.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Social and Situated Theori es of Learning explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Motivation Finally, inspiration is vital for a person to imitate the conduct they have watched. On the off chance that there is no motivating force for one to duplicate a specific conduct, one may not be happy to invest any energy to replicate the conduct. Inspiration is accordingly useful in urging one to replicate a specific wanted conduct. Bobo doll tests To approve his convictions, Bandura did a few examinations utilizing a doll that was known as Bobo. Kids were utilized as the members of this analysis. These youngsters were put in three gatherings. The three gatherings were required to display distinctive conduct, contingent upon the individuals who were demonstrating the ideal conduct. One of the three gatherings was utilized as the benchmark group. One of the staying two gatherings was presented to a grown-up model, where forceful conduct was delineated. The last gathering was presented to a grown-up model that was inactive. The gathering that was presented to the forceful grown-up model saw as the grown-ups acted in a forceful way towards the Bobo doll. A portion of the forceful conduct showed by the grown-ups in this gathering included verbal and physical maltreatment towards the doll. Then again, those grown-ups in the aloof gathering occupied with tranquil association with the doll. This implies they evaded any forceful conduct towards the doll. The two gatherings carried on in the specific way they did as kids in their gatherings watched them. After the grown-ups in these gatherings were through with demonstrating wanted conduct, the youngsters were then allowed a chance to play with the Bobo doll. During play, youngsters who were watching the grown-ups who carried on in a forceful way imitated this and acted along these lines when playing with the doll. This implies they had the option to impersonate what they had seen the grown-ups doing. Contrasted with the young ladies in the gatherings, young men demonstrated a more prominent inclination to participate in truly forceful conduct. In any case, the probability for both the young men and the young ladies in this gathering to take part in verbal hostility was nearly the equivalent. These outcomes sponsored up Bandura’s recommendation that demonstrating is extremely useful and compelling in the getting the hang of process.Advertising Searching for paper on instruction? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More At the point when the individuals who were engaged with demonstrating a specific conduct were rebuffed for any off-base doings, those watching this had the option to keep off from such conduct that they watched the model doing and they were rebuffed. This aided in instructing and learning of the correct conduct. The social learning hypothesis, created by Julian Rotter, further proposes that the inspiration to take part in a specific conduct is increased or diminished by the impacts that the conduct has on the individual participating in the conduct. A positive result of a specific conduct improves the probability of event of the conduct while a negative result diminishes the likelihood of the event of the conduct. Positive results hence fortify the conduct that brings the result. In recommending this, the defender of this way of thinking looked to explain that the conduct that an individual shows isn't just controlled by mental factors just yet in addition ecological variables assume an extraordinary job also. Social adapting in this manner, indicates that both mental and ecological elements are indispensable in impacting conduct. The social learning hypothesis is extremely helpful in demonstrating the conduct of representatives in a position of work. This hypothesis proposes that for any conduct to be scholarly, the initial step ought to demonstrate that conduct. Mentors can encourage compelling learning in the working environment through displaying the ideal conduct rather than simply portraying to the representatives the normal conduct. They should act in the way they anticipate that the workers should act. At the point when the representatives see the mentors model a specific conduct, they can impersonate the conduct and comprehend what the ideal conduct involves. It is likewise simpler for the representatives to imitate the ideal conduct once they see it being displayed by their coaches. Another way that the coaches can assist with encouraging powerful lea rning in the work environment is through urging the representatives to emulate the demonstrated conduct. Consolation to mimic and repeat the ideal conduct should be possible from numerous points of view. For instance, the mentors can legitimately advise the representatives to emulate the demonstrated conduct. Once more, consolation should be possible through freely remunerating workers who show the ideal conduct. This offers each representative a chance to see the ideal conduct and duplicate it particularly, when they see that there is a prize for this. The coaches can likewise encourage powerful preparing through watching the workers as they complete their different assignments. The coaches ought to constantly watch the representatives as they do the ideal conduct so as to guarantee that they are doing the conduct in the correct manner as it was demonstrated to them. On the off chance that the coach sees that the workers are going off to some far away place sooner or later, they sh ould step in promptly to address the

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What to Look For When Looking For Top Paper Writing Services

What to Look For When Looking For Top Paper Writing ServicesThere are a few things that you need to know when looking for top paper writing services. First of all, your job is to get the highest quality of papers from the best providers and keep them from going out of business.Paper is a needed item in every day life. We use them for all sorts of different purposes. For example, a paper cup keeps the water hot or the paper plate we eat our food to keep the meal from getting cold. All these things take a tremendous amount of work and have a high level of difficulty in order to be created.Paper writing services are one of the most demanding types of businesses in the industry. The fact that they are creative individuals takes even more of a load off of their shoulders. You should always hire people who understand what it takes to create good quality, unique writing and then pay them accordingly. If they do not think they can do it then you may want to look for someone else.Paper writin g services should also give you first crack at any custom orders that they may have. You want to be involved in the process of how the paper is created. You should feel like you are the one making the decisions. Be sure to find out exactly what the requirements are so that you can work with them accordingly.It is a good idea to choose a paper writing service that has a large number of years in business. This means that the individual or company who is in charge will have experience in the field and it will mean that they will know what the typical customers expect from their paper. A top company should also have many different types of papers on offer. They should be able to offer you both a professional looking certificate, letterhead, envelopes, even toaster ovens and toasters. Each paper needs to be produced in a way that is going to fit your needs as well as the company's needs.Any paper that you receive will need to be kept in a clean and dust free environment. Paper writing se rvices should also be able to offer you a clean and dry place to keep the paper so that it lasts longer. It is important to keep it sealed up with a layer of adhesive tape so that dust does not accumulate on it.To be able to produce the best documents possible, you will have to commit to the paper for a very long time. It will need to be up for business every day as well as two to three times per week. If the paper is just used during the week then you are only going to be receiving it once per week or perhaps twice per week. You should be able to work with a paper writing service that can meet this requirement.The great thing about paper writing services is that they offer to deliver on a full time basis. This means that you will be getting a high quality product that is going to last and that you can count on to deliver quality work at any time of the year.

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Old Oratorio New Contemporary Christian Music - 1019 Words

Old Oratorio New Contemporary Christian Music Music has always been very important to religion, and the music has always been changing. At the beginning, the music told a story of a biblical event. The current day music tells a story about life and how Jesus Christ can fix the problem because he is all powerful. Oratorio is one example of older religion music. The current type of religion music is called Contemporary Christian music. There is a lot of different types between these two. Oratorio and Contemporary music differs a lot; however, they both speak about the perfect Jesus Christ, but that is about all they have in commons. Oratorio music was very sacred music in its time. It was very sacred; however, it was not played during church. They were played more for concerts. Oratorio had three different parts that was in every piece. Those three parts would consist of a choir, soloist, and orchestra. Every piece comes from a biblical story. The most famous composer from the Baroque ere, the era that oratorio was played, was Geo rge Frideric Handel. A few of his most famous pieces came from the subjects, Israel in Egypt, Jephtha, Judas, Saul, and Messiah (Baily 169). Contemporary Christian music is the complete opposite of Oratorio music. Contemporary music consist of stories about having a relationship with Jesus Christ, biblical inerrancy, and spreading Gods holy word. They take the form of hard rock, dance pop, and hip hop (Lindenbaum 70). Femi Adedeji wrote a paperShow MoreRelatedThe Contribution Of Antonin Dvo ?ï ¿ ½ Ak ( 1841-1904 )2354 Words   |  10 PagesAntonà ­n Dvořà ¡k (1841–1904) was one of the most versatile and prolific composers of the nineteenth century, reaching into almost all genres of music from piano miniatures to comprehensively conceived vocal-orchestra compositions. His output encompasses nine symphonies and fifty-five other orchestral pieces, eleven opera, eleven works for chorus and orchestra, nine small choral works, thirty-five sets of songs and duets, fifty-fi ve chamber works for various combinations of instruments, and thirty-twoRead MoreMusic of the Philippines3143 Words   |  13 PagesGroup 1, 4M Anupol, Cayabyab, Chua, Luarca, Shimamoto, Torio, Yumol Music, 3rd Term PHILIPPINE MUSIC I. YEAR AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Philippine Music is divided into four eras or traditions, namely Ethnic, Spanish Colonial, American Colonial and Contemporary traditions. Majority of Philippine Music really revolves around cultural influence from the West, due primarily to the Spanish and American rule for over 3 centuries. Oriental (ethnic) musical backgrounds are still alive, but mainlyRead MoreKey Signature and Beethoven9252 Words   |  38 PagesAchievements Thesis Statement: Beethoven is one of the greatest composer in the history of music. He played a big role in the world of music. He was the one who initiated among his co-composers the freedom to express themselves. Some of his masterpieces were Eroica Pastorale, Fideleo and the religious composition entitled Missa Solemnis. I. Introduction II. The Man and His Music A. Historical background 1. Early years

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Documentacin para solicitar el ajuste de estatus

Para solicitar el ajuste de estatus hay que tener una serie de documentos que se han de enviar junto a la peticià ³n. Antes de tramitar el ajuste, asegurarse de poseer toda la documentacià ³n que se pide para todo tipo de solicitantes y tambià ©n la especà ­fica para la categorà ­a dentro de la que cae cada extranjero que pide convertirse en residente permanente mediante este beneficio inmigratorio. Destacar que el ajuste de estatus permite a un migrante presente ya en Estados Unidos cambiar su situacià ³n migratoria y adquirir la condicià ³n de residente permanente y, por tanto, en poseedor de una tarjeta de residencia, conocida como green card. Pero es muy importante conocer quià ©nes lo pueden pedir y quià ©nes no pueden gozar de este beneficio.   En este artà ­culo se informa sobre: documentos que deben presentar todos los solicitantesdocumentos que sà ³lo se presentan segà ºn el caso de cada unodocumentos que debe presentarse sà ³lo si se pide el ajuste de estatus por determinadas categorà ­asquà © hacer con los documentos relativos a posibles faltas y/o delitos Quà © documentos se deben adjuntar con la peticià ³n de ajuste de estatus La peticià ³n de ajuste de estatus debe ir acompaà ±ada de una serie de papelerà ­a de apoyo.   Existen unos requisitos comunes para todo tipo de peticià ³n de ajuste, que son los siguientes. Ademà ¡s, leer al final del artà ­culo los especà ­ficos para la situacià ³n de cada migrante. Ya que no es lo mismo solicitar el ajuste por, por ejemplo, peticià ³n de esposo que es ciudadano, a pedirlo por asilo.   Formulario de peticià ³n Para solicitar el ajuste de Estatus, la planilla a completar es la I-485. Se puede encontrar gratuitamente de la pà ¡gina oficial de Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Ciudadanà ­a (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglà ©s). Utilizar siempre la à ºltima versià ³n, es decir, la que està © en esa pà ¡gina justo cuando se realiza la solicitud.   Pago El cheque para el pago debe hacerse a nombre del Department of Homeland Security. El costo actual varà ­a segà ºn las circunstancias de cada solicitante. Asà ­: Menores de 14 aà ±os que solicitan ajuste de estatus con al menos uno de sus padres: $635.Menores de 14 aà ±os que no solicitan con ninguno de sus padres: $985.Entre 14 y 78 aà ±os: $985 mà ¡s $85 para datos biomà ©tricos. Total: $107079 o mà ¡s aà ±os: $985.Refugiados: nada, ya que es gratuito.Las personas que piden ajuste de estatus para ellas mismas en aplicacià ³n de VAWA por violencia domà ©stica pueden solicitar una waiver para no pagar la tarifa de la solicitud si cumplen una serie de requisitos. Esto tambià ©n aplica a los solicitantes de la Visa T de trà ¡fico de personas, por la visa U de violencia, por el registry o por el programa de Inmigrantes Juveniles Especiales (SIJ). Certificado de nacimiento Basta con una copia legible del mismo, pero debe contar con el sello de la autoridad que lo emite y cumplir con una serie de requisitos. Si està ¡ en un idioma distinto al inglà ©s, debe ser traducido y acompaà ±ado por una carta de certificacià ³n de la traduccià ³n. Fotografà ­as Dos fotos idà ©nticas tipo pasaporte tomadas en los 30 dà ­as anteriores a enviar la solicitud. Escribir con un là ¡piz en el reverso el nombre del beneficiado y si tiene un alien registration number, incluirlo. Visas no inmigrantes En los casos en los que una Embajada o consulado americano haya emitido al extranjero una visa no inmigrante en los 365 dà ­as anteriores a enviar la solicitud del ajuste de estatus, incluir en la documentacià ³n la fotocopia legible de la pà ¡gina en la que està ¡ estampada la visa. Informacià ³n biogrà ¡fica Si se tiene entre 14 y 79 aà ±os, completar y adjuntar la planilla G-325 A. Rà ©cord mà ©dico y de vacunas Para ello hay que utilizar la planilla I-693. Estas son las reglas que rigen para el examen mà ©dico para obtener la residencia permanente. Si bien hay excepciones a la obligacià ³n de pasar por un examen mà ©dico. En primer lugar, para los refugiados, para quienes en la mayorà ­a de los casos es suficiente completar la porcià ³n del formulario dedicada a las vacunas. Asimismo, los prometidos de ciudadanos americanos y sus descendientes que han pasado un examen mà ©dico en el à ºltimo aà ±o antes de viajar a Estados Unidos al solicitar una visa K no tienen que presentar otro mà ¡s. Bastarà ¡ con que acrediten las vacunas. Finalmente, tampoco deberà ¡n someterse a un examen mà ©dico las personas que hayan vivido en Estados Unidos desde enero de 1972 y que està ©n ajustando su estatus por lo que se conoce como el registry. Evidencia de estatus migratorio en Estados Unidos Enviar una copia legible del documento que se conoce como I-94, registro de entrada y de salida. La copia debe ser por ambos lados.   Si se ha ingresado a los Estados Unidos con una tarjeta de cruce, conocida tambià ©n como visa là ¡ser, enviar una copia de la misma tambià ©n por los dos lados. Finalmente, si no se tiene ese rà ©cord de registro de entrada y de salida, realmente es el momento de hablar con un abogado ya que en muchas ocasiones, aunque no en todas, esto puede ser el origen de grandes problemas con las autoridades de Inmigracià ³n.   Notificacià ³n de que se ha recibido el paquete   Si se desea, es posible pedirle al USCIS que confirme por sms o por correo electrà ³nico que se ha recibido la peticià ³n para el ajuste de estatus. Para ello, completar la planilla que se conoce como G-1145. Documentos para acompaà ±ar a la peticià ³n de ajuste de estatus, segà ºn la categorà ­a Dependiendo de la razà ³n por la que el solicitante puede pedir el ajuste de estatus se deben incluir mà ¡s documentos en el mismo paquete de peticià ³n. A continuacià ³n, los diferentes casos. Las personas que ajustan su estatus por peticià ³n de un familiar Los ciudadanos y los residentes permanentes pueden solicitar a familiares que caen dentro de determinados grados de parentesco. Pero no todos pueden ajustar su estatus y à ©ste es un punto fundamental que debe de ser tenido en cuenta antes de enviar los papeles a Inmigracià ³n. Ademà ¡s, si se està ¡ en una categorà ­a que està ¡ sujeta a là ­mites anuales de casos aprobados, verificar el boletà ­n de visas mà ¡s reciente para asegurarse de que ya se puede solicitar el ajuste. Si se cumplen todos los requisitos, se debe incluir en la peticià ³n de ajuste de estatus un affidavit of support que tambià ©n se conoce con el nombre de declaracià ³n de sostenimiento. Para ello hay que completar el formulario I-864. Ademà ¡s, si se trata de una peticià ³n realizada por un ciudadano estadounidense para su cà ³nyuge, padres o hijo soltero menor de 21 aà ±os, incluir el formulario I-130 o, si ya se envià ³ con anterioridad, incluir copia de la carta que se recibià ³ del USCIS con el nombre de I-797 Notice of Action donde se confirma que el I-130 ha sido aprobado. En todos los demà ¡s casos por peticià ³n de un familiar enviar copia del I-797 de que el I-130 que se presentà ³ està ¡ aprobado y asegurarse de que la fecha de prioridad està ¡ al corriente en la categorà ­a que aplica a la persona que se pide. Esto se hace consultando el à ºltimo boletà ­n de visas. Las personas que buscan el ajuste por peticià ³n laboral Adjuntar una carta oficial del empleador en la que se declara, entre otras cosas, el salario que se paga y en la que confirma que sigue existiendo ese puesto de trabajo para el que se solicita ese trabajador extranjero. La carta debe estar redactada en papel oficial de la empresa. Copia de la carta recibida por USCIS en la que se confirma que la peticià ³n de un trabajador extranjero solicitada mediante el formulario I-140 ha sido aprobada. Si la fecha de prioridad en la categorà ­a a la que pertenece el inmigrante pedido està ¡ al corriente entonces es posible enviar el I-140 conjuntamente con la peticià ³n de ajuste de estatus. Asimismo, si la empresa que pide un empleado extranjero es en un cinco por ciento o mà ¡s propiedad de la familia del pedido entonces serà ¡ necesario completar el formulario I-864, que es una declaracià ³n jurada de sostenimiento. Si la persona para la que se pide el ajuste de estatus està ¡ en los Estados Unidos con una visa H-1B o una L-1, enviar prueba de estatus. Finalmente, son necesarias copias de pagos de salario recientes, de  certificados de estudios, cuando son necesarios y de que el Departamento de Trabajo ha aprobado el Certificado Laboral.   Asilados Copia de la carta o del I-94 en el que consta que se le ha concedido esa condicià ³n. Ajuste derivado Para cà ³nyuges e hijos solteros menores de 21 aà ±os de otra persona que pide el ajuste y ellos tambià ©n pueden pedirlo de forma derivada en virtud de su relacià ³n familiar. Estas personas deben enviar en su peticià ³n las copias de los documentos que prueben la relacià ³n entre el beneficiario principal y el derivado, como certificados de matrimonio, partidas de nacimiento, adopcià ³n, etc. Asimismo, incluir evidencia de que la peticià ³n de ajuste de estatus del beneficiario principal ha sido enviada al USCIS o ha sido aprobada. Ajuste de estatus por el registry Aportar toda la documentacià ³n que sirva para probar el caso y demostrar la presencia en el paà ­s desde el 1 de enero de 1972. Personas que solicitan ajuste por perdà ³n 245 (i) Los migrantes indocumentados que pueden beneficiarse de la medida conocida como 245 (i) deben enviar tambià ©n el formulario que se conoce como I-485 Supplement A. Visas T o Visas U Los migrantes que solicitan el ajuste de estatus porque tienen una visa T por trà ¡fico humano o una visa U por haber sido và ­ctima de cierto tipo de violencia deben enviar tambià ©n con su aplicacià ³n el Supplement E del formulario I-485 y toda la documentacià ³n adicional que se pide en dicha planilla. Extranjeros en las categorà ­as de SIJ o inmigrantes militares especiales Deben adjuntar la peticià ³n de esta categorà ­a que, si se concede, harà ¡ que haya automà ¡ticamente visas de inmigrantes para ellos. Tambià ©n deberà ¡n contar con una autorizacià ³n policial (police clearance). Documentacià ³n a enviar dependiendo del caso de cada solicitante Solicitud de permiso de trabajo Si se desea tener uno se debe completar el formulario I-765. No pagar la cuota de este formulario porque ya està ¡ incluida en el pago del formulario I-485 para ajuste de estatus. Si inicialmente no se envà ­a la solicitud del permiso de trabajo y mà ¡s tarde se cambia de opinià ³n y se decide hacerlo, enviar el formulario sin pago. Pero en este caso se debe incluir una carta que se ha recibido del USCIS donde se confirma que hay un caso abierto de ajuste de estatus. Solicitud de permiso para viajar fuera de Estados Unidos y regresar Es lo que se conoce como advance parole. No es necesario pedirlo, pero puede hacerse. En cuestià ³n de pago de este formulario aplica lo que se ha dicho en el pà ¡rrafo anterior para el permiso de trabajo. Waiver En algunos casos es necesario presentar tambià ©n el formulario I-601 para pedir un perdà ³n, tambià ©n conocido como permiso. Son casos muy especà ­ficos y esto es un tema delicado que conviene tratar siempre con un abogado. Planilla G-28 Sà ³lo en los casos de contar con un abogado que lleva este caso. El solicitante de ajuste de estatus tambià ©n tiene que firmarla, si es que cuenta con asistencia de letrado o de un representante acreditado. Rà ©cords criminales En el formulario I-485 hay varias preguntas sobre posibles problemas con la ley, incluyendo el contacto con drogas. Y se pregunta especà ­ficamente no sà ³lo por acciones cometidas en los Estados Unidos sino tambià ©n en otros paà ­ses.  Pueden darse los siguientes casos: Primero: rà ©cord totalmente limpio. No se necesita hacer nada. Segundo: arrestado o detenido por cualquier fuerza del orden pero no se han presentado cargos. En estos casos solicitar la declaracià ³n oficial original de la policà ­a que realizà ³ el arresto o de la corte competente en la que se declare que no se presentaron cargos. Tercero: arrestado o detenido cuando se han presentado cargos. En este caso presentar original o copia certificada por corte del arresto y sus consecuencias: desestimacià ³n (dismissal), condena (conviction) o absolucià ³n (acquittal). Cuarto: Condenado o enviado a un centro de rehabilitacià ³n o de servicio comunitario. Se necesita original o copia certificada por corte de la condena y de haberla cumplido o de estar en libertad condicional.   Quinto: Arrestado o condenado pero cuyo arresto o condena ha sido declarado secreto o eliminado del rà ©cord. Se necesita original o copia certificada por corte de tal hecho. Es posible que no se sepa que se tiene una orden de deportacià ³n o de arresto dictada en contra. Si cabe la posibilidad, el mejor consejo es asegurarse de cuà ¡l es la situacià ³n antes de enviar documentacià ³n al USCIS pidiendo un beneficio migratorio.   En cuanto a las meras infracciones de trà ¡fico, no suelen causar problemas, excepto en casos graves o cuando hay un problema de DWI (alcohol o drogas). Si hay problemas por delitos o faltas en el pasado, es el momento de hablar muy seriamente con un abogado. En algunos casos serà ¡ imposible obtener una aprobacià ³n del ajuste de estatus y no se sacarà ¡ la green card. Pero en otros muchos serà ¡ posible pedir con à ©xito una waiver (tambià ©n conocido como perdà ³n o permiso). Lo que nunca debe hacerse es mentir porque es una violacià ³n migratoria con graves consecuencias. Y hay que tener en cuenta que el USCIS tiene acceso a bases de datos del FBI sobre todo tipo de delitos y faltas (incluidos los casos sellados o expurgados. No mentir con esto tampoco). Reglas generales Se recomienda adjuntar los originales cuando asà ­ especà ­ficamente se pida, como por ejemplo en los casos de rà ©cords de policà ­a y de las cortes. En los demà ¡s casos, es suficiente una copia legible. Mientras se procesan los papeles se puede verificar de varias maneras el estatus del caso. Y siempre  lo mejor es no cambiar de lugar de residencia Pero si es necesario hacerlo, no olvidar el requisito fundamental de notificar ese cambio de domicilio al USCIS. Tomar este quiz - trivial o test, segà ºn el paà ­s - sobre cà ³mo obtener y conservar la tarjeta de residencia. Verificar que se conoce informacià ³n fundamental. Y una vez que se obtenga la tarjeta de residencia, a disfrutarla. Y considerar solicitar la ciudadanà ­a americana por naturalizacià ³n cuando se cumplan los plazos para poder pedirla. Este artà ­culo es meramente informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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Southwest Airlines International Passenger Transport Routes

The History of Southwest Airlines Student Name University Name The History of Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines Co is a low-cost airline in the United States. Southwest is the largest airline in the United States by number of domestic passengers carried per year .Southwest, the sixth largest US airline by revenue and it maintains the second largest fleet of airliners of all commercial airlines worldwide. On the July 12, 2008, Southwest operated approximately 3,500 daily flights. Southwest is based in the 2702 Love Field Drive Texas, adjacent to the airport Love Field (Gittell, 2004). Southwest Airlines has carried more passengers than any other US airline since August 2006.This statistics is about the national and international passenger transport routes. According to the statistics from the Department of Transportation of the United States, it is one of the most profitable airlines in the world, serving 36 consecutive months of gains in January 2009. Southwest introduced a very creative model of profitable business and unusual traditional airlines. According to this new model fly many short trips with fast rotations in the large cities and mainly using a single type of aircraft, the Boeing 737 secondary airports. Southwest airline was included in the list of world’s safest airlines in the year 2012 as it never had major plane crash in its whole history. History Southwest Airlines was created to address the flight needs of just three cities of the Texas. It wasShow MoreRelatedMarketing Plan For A Company Essay1601 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis – The airline industry is made up of several major and smaller airlines such as Delta, United and Southwest. It is estimated that there are over 2,000 various airlines with over 20,000 planes and 3,700 airports. The six major airlines showed growth in both flights and travelers in May 2015. Traffic for these airlines grew by an average of 5.2% in May 2015, with capacity growing by 5.9% on average during the month. In 2014, airlines will safely transport some 3.3 billion passengers and 50 millionRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Southwest s Case Problems Essay1439 Words   |  6 PagesCase Analysis: Southwest Case Problems Celest Gallegos December 9, 2016 Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose: With a little notion in mind: Get the passengers where they want to be, on time, at the lowest possible rate, and make sure everyone is having fun, people will fly with your airline. Well Rollin King and Herb Kelleher were exactly right. They got together more than 38 years ago and decided to start a different kind of airline( Southwest has always been consistentlyRead MoreSouthwest Airlines - Distribution Strategy Essay678 Words   |  3 Pageswith as many outlets as feasible. The distribution strategy of the airlines industry was not a part of its early history, but is now integral to the success of airline organizations. The airline industry did not require a distribution strategy initially because passengers could purchase flight tickets directly from the airline’s desk. McDonald (2007) discusses the evolution of airline distribution from purchasing at the airlines counter to the addition of call centers and city ticket offices toRead MoreGeneral Environment Analysis of the Airline Industry1345 Words   |  6 PagesThe U.S. airline industry has been in a chaotic state for a number of years. In 1993, a U.S. government report indicated that the industry had â€Å"Lost huge amounts of money in the past three years, and it has never made a sustained, substantial return on investment†¦Ã¢â‚¬  According to the Air Transport Association, the airline industry trade association, the loss from 1990 through 1994 was about $13 billion, while from 1995 through 2000, the airlines earned about $23 billion and then lost about $35 billionRead MoreSouthwest Airlines /Competition Paper Introduction: Air transport is a global industry and as such1500 Words   |  6 PagesSouthwest Airlines /Competition Paper Introduction: Air transport is a global industry and as such every airline is a likely challenger for every other. It is contrary to expectation that any airline will be able to contest on a large scale without being associated to other carriers. Traffic feed is the industrys lifeblood and stand-alone carriers will be labored to carry low-revenue point-to-point traffic when front with airlines able to offer manifold route alliances. Southwest Airlines is a majorRead MoreSouth West Airlines Case Study865 Words   |  4 PagesSouthwest Airlines Case Study Manohar Gadiraju Overview Southwest Airlines has been a cost leader in the airline industry with continuous growth and profits for the past 35 years. It has been the fourth largest domestic carrier with low priced routes and a no frills policy - free of in-flight meals and baggage transfers. The low cost fares, almost comparable to automobile transportation costs, have created both an unprecedented growth and new markets for this airline. Southwest wasRead MoreSouthwest Airlines : Strategic Focus768 Words   |  4 PagesSouthwest Airlines SWOT Established in 1967, Southwest Airlines Co. is a major United States Airlines. The company boasts being both the nation s largest carrier in terms of â€Å"originating domestic passengers boarded† (para 2), but also as the title of largest global low cost airline carrier (Southwest Investor Relations, 2015). Not only does Southwest Airlines host flights to 95 various locations within the United States, the company also ensures safe travels to six additional countries outside ofRead MoreHow A Midamerica Airport As A Low Cost Alternative1126 Words   |  5 Pagesa Low Cost Alternative to Lambert-St. Louis International James C. McElwee POLS312: State, Local, and Community Politics January 30, 2016 â€Æ' Built in 1997 as the solution to relieve the once-congested Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, MidAmerica Airport in St. Clair County, sits quiet and empty. The airport has everything its big brother has 25 miles away in St. Louis, everything except passengers. With 38.6 million potential passengers within in a 300 mile radius, it’s unknown whatRead MoreSouthwest Airline Industry For Operational Excellence Essay1353 Words   |  6 PagesSouthwest Airline has been regarded as a benchmark in its industry for operational excellence; it stands as an example of a company which is committed to its core competencies, efficient operations to drive its low cost structure, outstanding delivery of customer service and innovative human resource management practices. Southwest Airline began from a modest, humble beginning, a small airline company servicing mainly secondary airports rather than high-traffic airports. Southwest Airline madeRead MoreCanada s Flag Carrier And Largest Domestic, U.s. Trans Border Market1045 Words   |  5 Pagestrans-border and international airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the Canadian market, the Canada-U.S. trans-border market and the international market to and from Canada (Annual Report 2014). Historically speaking, it was founded in 1937, provides scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 178 destinations worldwide. Canada s national airline originated from the Canadian federal government s 1936 creation of Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA), which

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Ten Canoes for Politics of

Question: Discuss about theTen Canoes for Politics of Representation and Blacklines. Answer: The film Ten Canoes, which debuted at the Adelaide film festival, is a phenomenal example of how something simple can be something beautiful. The audio, visual and narrating techniques used I'm the film all further exemplify this and will be explained in the following. The prescribed scene in the film Ten Canoes encapsulates the viewer on a journey via the narrator. The scenes of a breathtaking ecosystem allows the audience to imagine themselves as passengers on a journey with the narrator steering the way ahead. In watching Ten Canoes the watcher is influenced by the closeness and instantaneousness of an occasion through the strategy utilized by the storyteller in unmistakably articulating the distinction between the 'I' and 'you'. Ambient sounds, and a salient focus on the narrators voice throughout, assists exceptionally to allow the viewers to embark. The playful tone of the narrator sets the mood for the storyline. The narrating creates an authentic viewing experience which represents significant components of the story. The story is further authenticated, again by the narrator, because he is an Aboriginal Elder. The natural outdoor setting is exemplified by the use of lighting as it is all natural hard and soft lighting, creating a serene and subtle effect of the outdoors. The ambient sounds of nature in the background of the narration allows the viewer to experience the essence of the outdoors and embody the dreamtime story being told. And this makes sure that the effect which is there creates a proper effect for the viewer to understand the further story line. Even the sound of nature and lighting makes sure that the audience feels connected with the whole narration and story line. The tracking shots used throughout the vast majority of scenes in the film are used to capture the viewer in the flow of the narrators words. Essentially, as the story continues, it visually allows the viewer to embody the entire experience and the story the narrator is telling. This becomes blatant in the transition from the Third shot to the Fourth shot, as the narrator begins his story; the third shot is a dark background behind a flower. As the fourth shot commences, which is a vibrant shot of a beautiful river bank, the narrator begins to talk. This shows that the story is about to commence, via both the narrators words, and the visual scene itself. This creates a rhythm that the viewer can continuously follow throughout the film. The narrator begins to flow his words, and within the scene, the river is metaphorically used to exemplify that the narrators story has begun. The use of Aerial shots and extreme long shots allows the viewer to become immersed in the space around them. And also this gives them the chance to get used to the sounds and the imagery around them which is the part of the other shots too. Moreover with the shot of the nature, it clearly depicts that the narrator even wants to set the tone and relate it with the upcoming story. Even when the narrator summarizes the cosmological backdrop in this story, then also the viewer travels via aerial shots and it is presumed that the narration is as per the land which he then mentions in his narration: This land began in the beginning. Yurlunggur, the Great water Goanna, / he travelled here. The random use of the oblique angle in the tracking shots, specifically in the Sixth shot, allows the viewer to physically feel as though they are in the canoe. This becomes more blatant through the scene itself, a backdrop of a swamp. There are a lot of changes and flow in the script regarding the important spiritual and cultural information. This is being done and shared in the passage of the script. This is imparted in the knowledge which has been expressed through the Yurlunggur which is identified as the being who shaped the land. To accentuate many points in the clip, there have been an indication in the scripts like breaks (/) and frame breaks (//) in the quotations from the film. This has been actually been done and even me as an analyst for the same can do it to actually make sure that there is a poetic addition in the same. This also focuses on the poetic standards and we are even attentive on the use of ellipses, repetition and metaphors used to actually focus on how its done. The clip mentioned here also focuses on an intimate relation with the narrator which has you always being involved. By this we mean is that the narrator has focused on this subtle technique of using you and I to make sure that the audience feels connected and the flow of the next clip gets maintained. Use of such aerial shots and everything also is the same technique which makes sure that this is present throughout the movie. In this contemporary Australian cultural production, this is often a facilitator in actually challenging the very stereotype kind of the stories and making sure that, many other kinds of different Indigenous individuals, to give them the chance to voice their stories. Ten Canoes is a similar representation for Yolgnu identity and their culture and help them express, the film and its narrator have invited so many shots and scripts to make sure that there is a proper script. The narrators bodily imperative is to make sure that there is a proper way to give many shots and proper script to let the story turn the way it should. References Henderson, Ian 2009, Stranger Danger: Approaching Home and Ten Canoes, The South Atlantic Quarterly, 108.1, p. 53. Langton, Marcia 2003, Aboriginal Art and Film: The Politics of Representation, Blacklines, ed. M. Grossman, Melbourne UP, Melbourne, pp. 109124.